About Me

My Background

I grew up in Harleysville, Pennsylvania and went to my local high school. After graduation, I went to college in a few states, eventually finishing up online.I ended up staying in the south east PA area permanently. I have been working as a Network Engineer for over 10 years now; I love it! I live with my wonderful spouse, daughter Annika, and a house full of pets.

My Hobbies

When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time in nature, such as canoeing, hiking, or camping. I've also been learning some amateur woodworking, progressing on a woodstrip canoe I am building.

My Favorite Things

My daughter Annika, is certainly a favorite, she makes me laugh every day. My favorite color is green, again, probably related to my interest in nature. I also enjoy relaxing by playing story-driven single player video games, I find them on-par with a good book.

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